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Josh Puckett
Posted Jun 03 - Read on Facebook

I just published "Modern Design Tools: Adaptive Layouts", the first in a series of articles I'm writing about design tools. I used Framer for aspects of making the tool I show in the article. Give it a read on Medium!


Jordan Robert Dobson

Josh - Such a good article... and exactly why I've been designing in browser and more recently iOS as soon as I can... often after a paper sketch or quick illustrator mock up... so I can solve those real UI problems before I share the design with engineers. <3

Stephen Crowley

The struggle is real!

Chris Lee

Pete Schaffner's all about adaptive Framer.

Bhanu Sharma

Great post Josh!

Jon Gold

dope Josh. is that tool using GSS, or just inspired by it?

Jessica Tiao

Very thoughtful post Josh Puckett!

Josh Puckett

Jon: actually more inspired by auto layout!

Ben Blumenfeld

Using framer to design framer :)

Bhanu Sharma

Have any of you used GSS for a live project? Would love to check it out.

Jordan Robert Dobson

The more I use autolayout and constraint based animation with constants... The more I really really like it. :)

Chris Lee

As far as Framer itself goes, adaptability is one area where standard Framer is limited compared to what you naturally get with standard web tech. HTML and CSS are fluid by default, and they're what I go to when I am prototyping to demonstrate scalability rather than other things like flow or animation. In a way, though, simplifying to absolute sizes is what makes things like animation in Framer easier. But we could probably think more about what a Framer designed with adaptability in mind (while still addressing animation, etc. in a simple way) could look like. Jay Stakelon's is interesting in this regard.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Chris - this is quite interesting as well. I've yet to have time to dig in yet...

Chris Lee

Yes! Ralph's stuff is super interesting, and I was super interested in exploring the connectedness of all these ideas a while back. But now I think given the different models and priorities they're all working from, combining them all is a tough problem and maybe not the right approach. I think there's a lot of potential to be unlocked in applying constraints to prototyping, though.

Pete Schaffner

Good stuff Josh! I've been using Framer more as a layout/full-fledged design tool for this very reason and am working on a slightly geekier tool for making it easier to design in a fluid and modular manner. I really want to get to a point where you can express your designs in a self-documenting way that does more than specify widths and heights but rather behavior and constraints.

Jorn van Dijk

Really cool article, Josh!

Jens Nikolaus

Can haz that design tool please? I started going into Xcode much sooner because of its Auto Layout capabilities.

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