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Jaydev Ajit Kumar
Posted Dec 17 - Read on Facebook

Gesture controlled slider

Inspired by Project Soli (

Framer + Parse + Arduino :)


Jordan Robert Dobson

What are you using on the Arduino side for the slider?

Jaydev Ajit Kumar

Im using a linear potentiometer (

Wouter van der Wal

Hi Jaydev Ajit Kumar do you still have the framer code? Would love to take a look at that. And how are you updating the Parse database. I am only getting about 5 new sensor values/second sadly.

Marc Krenn

I second that. Jaydev Ajit Kumar :)

Danny White


Jaydev Ajit Kumar

Hi, I made a recursive call to the function that gets the parse data (Not the best way to do it ). Also Im not sure if I was getting more than 5 values a second. Since I used the animateToValue function, it made the transition look smooth. I hope this helps

data = Parse.Object.extend("data")
queryLocations = new Parse.Query(data)

call = () ->
success: (results) ->
for result, i in results
slider.animateToValue(result.attributes.value, {curve:"spring(400,40,0)"})



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