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Zoltan Ray
Posted Apr 17 - Read on Facebook

I used Framer with for the projections at the Google Design happy hour event in SF last week. Surprisingly easy way to get prototypes on different devices talking to each other.

Guests could add their own emoji on the tablet, or the projector would cycle through a sequence with randomly generated ones. Although a bug with the tablet meant it ran the auto-loop most of the night :(


Benjamin Den Boer

Haha this is awesome! B|


This is so cool!

Koen Bok


Juan Carlos Ospina Gonzalez


Neema Mahdavi

Hahahaha I was there! I asked around to see if you guys had it as a screensaver and I was told to email Google design

Kevin Cannon

What was your method of integrating with
I've just served the whole thing up with Node and put the framer project into a static folder. Not so elegant, but works. Any tips?

Zoltan Ray

Doubt my setup is at all elegant! Can't avoid the node server. I just included in the html for both prototypes. In the tablet one, used emit with arguments containing the face data, and listened for that in the other, passing the arguments to a function.

Marc Krenn

Has anyone of you guys tried using WebRTC for p2p-communication?

Keith Lang

I'm trying to do the same (use to communicate with remote hardware) but continue to get error: 'Error: Parsing file /Users/keithlang/Google Drive/Keith/BBot/Prototypes/BBotTestHarness.framer/modules/ Unexpected character '“' (1:27)'

Wondering what I'm doing wrong here?

Jochen Leinberger

I was successful using mqtt over websockets to sync events across different devices ...

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