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Caitlin Charniga
Posted May 30 - Read on Facebook

Can anyone help me out with this. New to framer and this is the start of my first project - a tumblr concept for the apple watch. Basically, you click the post to bring up the like and reblog buttons, click either/both of those, and then have to click the post again to hide them. How would I go about having a click event on one object do two different things? In this case, I need it to also hide the active state of the like button.


Arvi Raquel-Santos

First question, can you simplify the interaction? For example, double tap to like and a long press and hold to bring up sharing.

Caitlin Charniga

That's a great suggestion. I was thinking of doing a long press to zoom in and move around since the images are a bit hard to see in detail.

Gabriel Lovato

You can define several states for an object and then switch to the appropriate one. Here's an example

Adria Jimenez

I suggest also that you read first the apple guidelines as the apple watch is currently very limited and it will be hard to not say impossible to implement some things

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