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Randy Huynh
Posted Aug 06 - Read on Facebook

I feel like I'm doing something obviously wrong, but I'm not sure. I made a simple example that replicates the error I'm having which says,

"[framer.js] TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'this._simulation.y')"

I occurs if I drag the layer, however do not immediately release it. Any help would be appreciated.


Koen Bok

Yes. This is a bug in the scroll component. I'll see if I can fix it today.

David Phillips

Koen Bok - Were you able to address the issue with the scroll component? I'm getting it "randomly" when interacting with various layers that are within a ScrollComponent... It's the only thing that is totally tanking my application that needs to be bomb-proof for Wednesday... . :\

Noah Levin

Koen Bok I'm getting this issue too all of a sudden, just using basic draggables during a DragEnd call:

Noah Levin

Ah I think it's because it's getting confused with the built in drag momentum. When I turn off momentum, or add a short delay before the animation, it seems to work. Odd error message though.

Koen Bok

cc Jonas Treub

Jonas Treub

On it

Jonas Treub

We fixed the simulation y bug. You can already update the Framer source and we will release a new version of Studio later today.

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