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Jacopo Pompilii
Posted May 30 - Read on Facebook

Hey there, I've been using framerjs for 3 days and it's very compelling, but I'm struggling with something very easy:

I have a dropdown menu layer with some list items inside, each one with its own layer. The dropdown layer fades away at MouseOut, but when the mouse hovers the list items layers, the dropdown layer fades away as well.
How can I make those inner level to not interfere with their parent?

Hope you can get what I wrote :)


Arron J Hunt

Can you share your project with us so we can examine the code?

Jacopo Pompilii

Unfortunately I can't share the file due to privacy stuff, but here's what I'd like to achieve:
(note that the MouseOver\Out of the big square keeps working when I hover on the orange elements). When I try to do this with my photoshop assets as soon as I hover on the list items, the MouseOut of the 'parent' triggers. I assume there are some issues with parent-children levels but I don't know how to do that (tried with parent.addSubLayer(child) with no success). Thank you! :)

Arron J Hunt

Jacopo Have you tried adding the list items to the parent using super layer?

`listItemOne.superLayer = dropdown`

Jacopo Pompilii

Yup, with no success. Maybe a problem with photoshop layers indentation?

Riccardo Zecchini

mm jacopo it should works fine with superLayer.. I recreated what you are trying to achieve but I think issues may come from you PS file or something else

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