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Arron J Hunt
Posted May 29 - Read on Facebook

Just wanted to share a small interaction I built with Framer. Users can press and hold on the sleep graph to see a timeline of their sleep patterns.


Noam Elbaz

Really nice. How did you get the slider to follow the varying height of the graph?

Arron J Hunt

Jérémy I'll clean it up a bit and post it ;)

Noam It was a little difficult, I had to build an array of objects containing the points

Noam Elbaz

Arron J Hunt good idea. Simple enough... Each area item correlates to some percentage of the slider.....

Arron J Hunt

Jérémy Jones

Please forgive the poor formatting. Some things were hacked together. I'm working to clean them up

Miguel Gargallo

Awesome Arron!!!

Cevat Kerim Incedayi

How are you going to read the number while dragging? Your finger is going to cover it. The number should be on the top portion of the graph for usability reasons. My 2¢

Arron J Hunt

Cevat correct, that's something we didn't take into consideration until I built the prototype. Just another testament to the importance of prototyping because I can make the design change now and not waste development's time ;)

Nir Benita

Arron, Cevat, amazing how you were able to find that via prototype, almost zen haha

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