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Laurence Veale
Posted May 28 - Read on Facebook

Hi all,

I've a calendar appointment dialog on tablet and it has a typical interaction, right-to-left transition to drill down into a particular field.

See how the ease in transition can be seen off-right of the dialog.

I want the transition of the item to come in from the edge of the dialog rather than the edge of the screen (similar to how page components work, I guess)

Any tips on how to set the edge of the interaction?

Thanks a mill,



Laurence Veale

Think I got it. I added it as subLayer but forgot to change the absolute dimensions from the screen X and y to the relative dimensions within the container

Laurence Veale

Doesn't look like new layer receives the click event, so any tips gratefully received

Balraj Chana

Yep, just set the who.superlayer to bg and change the x, y values:

Laurence Veale

Thanks Balraj Chana - I'd also added an extra state which I didn't need, so next() got me back

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