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Noam Elbaz
Posted May 29 - Read on Facebook

Tip to speed up performance:
I always run my images through PNGYU and it really helps speed things up on devices.


Koen Bok

Yep, I do this too. The exports are optimized for speed, not minimal file size by default. Maybe I should make this a built in option.

Andreas Mitschke

Isn't this like common standard? Image optimization?

I mean, what you do for web dev is also what you should do like anywhere. Though I wouldn't just use any image minimizer, because they vary in output quality and optimization potential.

I used to use for automization in WP projects (after the smush library got limited) and for everything else I basically use a gulp pipe with ImageOptim - no need to care about that though.

On desktop I use FILEminimizer since ~7 years for quick batch cycles.

Here's some more data:

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