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Kyungsik Yoon
Posted May 28 - Read on Facebook

Hello, FramerJS folks, if you are interested in video tutorials for the tool, head over to Udemy as its only framerjs course is on sale ($59 -> $15, offer ends on 5/30).


Diego Jiménez

How do you get that price? It says 64€ for me :(

Kyungsik Yoon was at discounted price when I was visiting (on my PC) and the banner said the offer ends 5/30...

Márton Szabó

apply the coupon code INSPIRE1010 and you get it for 11 EUR

Adria Jimenez

Yes that's my course! And that promotion is being run by Udemy, that's why you get that special price. Remember that after the promotion ends you can always find the course with an special discount for the members of this group by using the "framergroup" coupon or by going directly here:

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