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Mike Stężycki
Posted May 27 - Read on Facebook

Working with text strings, is there anyway I can get text to wrap within a box that has height and width?


Andreas Mitschke

add another style:
"word-wrap": "break-word"

Mike Stężycki

Hey Andreas, good point! I added that just now, although it seems to ignore it. Does a string of text render as a graphic, or is it actual text that can be inspected in the DOM?

EDIT: Maybe I can just insert hard breaks somehow?

Ken Miura

does backslash n work? I haven't tried it but that works in common JS based platforms

Mike Stężycki

Hi Ken, thanks for that. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I think you want boxTitle.html = "Which Game of Th..."

Mike Stężycki

Jordan Ah thanks, that did it! :)

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