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Nick Bewley
Posted May 27 - Read on Facebook

Is it just me, or..? For those who already know their Mom called 5 times today, or that their mailbox is full of digest emails.


Shabba Sean

Badges drive app engagement so they kinda want you to open an app to clear them.

Allan Grinshtein

On... Hover?

Arvi Raquel-Santos

Still an interesting idea...

Charlie Deets


Nick Bewley

Callil Allan Arvi this is meant to illustrate how the interaction could work with touch, but there is no visual reinforcement for touch events in the Framer Studio preview window. So, you couldn't tell that a "touch event" was fired when I clicked the mouse, but that is the intended idea nonetheless.. Definitely not trying to suggest a hover event on a touch device, but who knows, someday that may be how people interact with phones.

Shabba Sean

Could be an interesting use for Force Touch which is rumored to be coming to iPhones soon.

Nick Bewley

Sean sure I get that. Junk mail also drives retail marketing.. Not a perfect analogy, but illustrating the fine line between encouraging action and burdening users.

Shabba Sean

Absolutely. Not advocating for dark ui patterns, just saying the reason why Apple isn't pursuing easier clearing of notifications is because of the success / engagement metrics moreso than a lack of more elegant iterations.

Nick Bewley

Haha true Sean. Yes, everyone has to work with their local number pushers ;-)

Shabba Sean

Unfortunately lol :p

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