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Chris Chiusano
Posted May 22 - Read on Facebook

Wondering if someone might be able to help me! I've been working on a prototype with assets from Sketch. I have two assets stacked on top of each other, the top layer has an opacity: 0, and I've added a Click,Event to the layer underneath. Even though the top layer is set to 0 opacity, does that block the bottom layer from being clicked? If so, any ideas on how to get around this?



I think you can play with the z index and AFAIK there is a method in Layer class to place a layer beneath another layer

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Chris Chiusano - if you hide a layer in Sketch, its visibility will be set to "false" in Framer. The opacity property is left unchanged. And it indeed allows you to click through the top layer without it catching your click events. Also if you set the opacity within Framer. :-)

Chris Chiusano

Thanks Irwansyah Benjamin Den Boer !

I will try setting it to false! But are you saying if you also set the opacity to 0 I should also be able to click through?

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