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Eileen Ani
Posted May 21 - Read on Facebook

I'm playing around with Framer for the first time and I can't successfully create a public link to my project because it's too large - I always get this error:

"Error: HTTP Error 413: Request Entity Too Large. See the console for more info."

However the console only has a bunch of 404 errors.

Is framer unable to share files over a certain size? I tried deleting a bunch of stuff from the sketch file I'm syncing, and there is only one artboard, and it still fails. Is there any way to get around this?


Jonas Treub

There is a max file size. It is 10 mb if I am not mistaken. What size is your project folder?

Eileen Ani

Thank you! I realized the file was so big because it was storing multiple unused sketch files - once I deleted those it was under 10 mb and the upload succeeded.

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