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Brendan Hastings
Posted May 21 - Read on Facebook

I'm trying to animate a layer:

1) Along the y axis as well as fade it in at the same time.
2) After that I would like it to fade out, then reset its position.
3) I would like 1) and 2) to repeat 5 times.

I've done an example project here:

As you can see I can fade it in and move it 5 times, it's just that final fade out that I can't really work out. I've messed about with AnimationEnd event, but can't seem to figure out the best way to chain animations with a specific repeat number.

Help would be greatly appreciated.


Josef Richter

I'd probably create layer states and then use for loop to switch states and then switch to the final one.

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Brendan Hastings - ah, I see what you mean. Using "repeat" to achieve this is tricky. Here's one way you could also about this:

1. Store your animation & endAnimation in a function.
2. Create and store an interval that runs every x seconds
3. Clear the interval after a set amount of time / animations

Hope this helps. :-)

Brendan Hastings

Ah! Thank you Benjamin Den Boer. I evidently haven't paid enough attention to the Utils stuff.

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