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Gabriel Lovato
Posted May 21 - Read on Facebook

Sorry if this has been covered before but is there a way to infer UIKitDynamics elasticity/damping values from Framer's spring-rk4 ? I'm sending some prototypes to outside development and would rather send them the actual values they should use for each animation, at least approximatively.


Koen Bok

cc Jonas Treub we should figure this out.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yeah I could really really use this.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I'm translating a lot of my framer work to obj-c right now... And framer saved me a lot of time... But certain things like spring, which I got perfect in framer don't quite translate... So it becomes a bit more of a hassle to emulate.

It's really great to be able to iterate quickly with Framer before trudging through Xcode.

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