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Jenn Tran
Posted May 20 - Read on Facebook

i'm still new to framer and am learning. already i see the value it has in helping provide very detailed interactions and beautifully animated UIs that feel alive.

but i'm wondering...
is framer capable of handling full on click through prototype workflows? is it a tool that can be leveraged in that way? if yes, are there articles you can point me to? or tell me how you've used it in this way? or a prototype you've built that handles a full on workflow with variables, conditions, etc?


Josef Richter

Yes, you can build fully functional prototypes. You can actually build a fully functional app, including data storage, API calls, etc. it would be a by labourious coz you'd have to write many components from scratch, but it's getting better every week in terms of reusable components and modules coming out.

Koen Bok

Hey Jenn, there really is no limit on what you can build in Framer, like Josef points out. Good examples of a somewhat larger prototype are the Dropbox Carousel one and the Apple Watch one.

KeVon Ticer

I used framer a couple of times to prototype entire flows. It can do it, but I would say just be sure it's worth doing with framer over other tools because it can get tedious and your code can get messy if you don't plan a little beforehand.

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