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FX Fuhrmann
Posted Dec 11 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, I have an issue while importing a Sketch file. I guess it's coming from masks, but not sure about it. The error message is :

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'info.image.frame')

Any idea?


Benjamin Den Boer

Heya FX Fuhrmann - could you perhaps send me an example Sketch + Framer file replicating the issue? :-)

FX Fuhrmann

hi Benjamin ! Do you a have an email I can send it to you ?

Benjamin Den Boer

FX Fuhrmann [email protected]

FX Fuhrmann


Charlie Sneath

Benjamin Den Boer Were you able to fix this issue? Getting the same error now when importing from Sketch. Only happens when I set a layer as a mask.

Charlie Sneath

Spoke to soon -- ungrouped a bunch of layers and seems to be working now. Might have been a naming conflict; maybe with something that Sketch had named automatically.

Neema Mahdavi

Had the same problem while trying to recreate the “Scrollable” example. The layer that was being masked had groups (and some groups within that group) - I was getting an error for - and saw that it was related to child layers. Ungrouped all the children and it worked right away. So the layer that is being masked cannot have any groups within it?

Charlie Sneath

Neema Mahdavi I think one issue is that the more child groups there are, the more chances there are for naming conflicts. I'm finding ways to better organize my Sketch files to avoid these issues.

Kevin Cannon

I had this problem and the Framer guys helped me out - I had a % symbol in a layer name which caused problems.

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