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Nir Benita
Posted May 20 - Read on Facebook

I just noticed that Framer Importer/OSX has this "feature" where it adds "-2" to every layer group that has the same name.

I assume this happens because I'm actually generating two files, in the same directory, that has the same name...

Is there a way to get around this? I hope to reuse a function that takes a ('target'), and then assigns that targets children into variables.


Koen Bok

Yes the names have to be unique, so you can target any one of them. So I think a way to build what you want would be to target them by hierarchy/order. Like, you target the 2nd subLayer:


Nir Benita

I knew I could always count on you Koen :)

However, I feel like the solution will break if I ever make any changes to the PSD, it's a bit fragile, however, it is much quicker than what I ended up doing:

I have renamed all of the sublayer groups to include a prefix, duplicated the parent, and then used batch layer group rename (

I can now pass that prefix to the function, and have it run as intended!


Koen Bok

Nice solution!

Nir Benita

Mind if I open an issue asking for a flag to have the importer create a folder structure when importing a PSD? :)

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