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Brandon Souba
Posted May 20 - Read on Facebook

I built a cat that rotates on long press for Andrew Chin:


George Kedenburg III

when it spins, more cats should come out

Brandon Souba

Branch request

Jordan Robert Dobson

Can we get motion blur? And make the logo bigger please.

Jordan Robert Dobson
Jordan Robert Dobson

I'm pretty sure I could just give this to my kids and they would have a blast playing with this. :P

Koen Bok

Oh yes!

Andrew Chin

My life is now complete.

Sandor Rozsa

Can i have a dog? Please.

Tony Wu

This looks fun! Just a minor point - the long press timer doesn't seem to be reset after a short press. That means if the long press threshold is 2 second, it will rotate after 4 short presses that's 500 ms each. That's not ideal because from the user's perspective, they only did a short press at the end, but it rotates, which doesn't help users learn the gesture and what it does.

Johannes Eckert

oh well, you and your perfect logic, Tony!

but yeah, things like that is what can make code explode (or require some super sneaky coffeescript tooling).

I think everyone knows a moment into their prototypes coming across issues like this: although liking that the original idea only took 5 lines of code, actually getting it right requires 15 lines more code, and these things go on and on until one realizes they actually built a production ready product...

This is another reason why Framer is so interesting: It allows all levels of fidelity and perfection from the 5 lines "hey what about an animation like this?" to the 500 lines of "it actually works and talks to an API, btw"

Tony Wu

Johannes Eckert To be fair I've only used Framer once, so I think you're right and something people like me shouldn't dwell on it because it's only meant to be a prototype after all. I've only just started playing with Framer and it's encouraging to know that something like this can be created with merely 5-20 lines of code in total.

Brandon Souba

Tony Wu thanks for the feedback. I was noticing that bug as well.

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