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Giovanni Caruso
Posted May 21 - Read on Facebook

Hi! Having hard times with module and npm. I've followed the documentation but an error just keeps showing up: "ModuleBuildError: backbone' near ...'". Any idea?


Giovanni Caruso

Benjamin Den Boer, sorry to bother...hints? :/

Benjamin Den Boer

Hmm, will look into this Giovanni Caruso. Thanks for the heads-up. Will get back to you. :-)

Giovanni Caruso

Thanks to you for the help and the great work!

Koen Bok

Hey Giovanni, you were almost there.

1) You should use the npm package manager to install backbone "npm install backbone"
2) Backbone relies on jquery so you need that too: "npm install jquery"

I made you an example:

Giovanni Caruso

Thanks, Koen. Very helpful! I was more interested in understanding the module+npm operations rather than setup backbone. Now I have a better picture...'till the next request ;)

Giovanni Caruso

It was my starting point indeed :) Thanks again for the help!

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