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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted May 20 - Read on Facebook

Today, we’re introducing a new component to prototype advanced, fully interactive sliders. SliderComponent gives you all the flexibility you need, so you can focus on getting the user experience exactly right.

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Jorn van Dijk

Slide all the things!

Koen Bok

These are great to tweak your prototypes while running!

William Song

Just updated to try out slider, but Viewer doesn't seem to work.

Josef Richter

Do you guys ever sleep?

Blaine Billingsley


Frank Culshaw

Great stuff! would you be willing to post the example featured in the image above(with popover)?

Sergio Majluf

Really nice!
A small question: is there a property to make it vertical? e.g if I add a rotate property within the component, the graphics are rotated indeed, but the dragging behaviour is still horizontal

Adria Jimenez

Amazing!!! Just added a new lesson to the framer course showing how to use the slider component :)
Remember that users from the group can use the special discount using this link!

Adria Jimenez

Sergio Majluf in the course I just posted there is also a lesson that shows how to create a slider from zero (without using the slider component) and that one can be easily changed to support vertical dragging.

Johannes Eckert

unrelated spring bug? When I set the friction to 0, shouldn't the animation spring for "forever"? there seems to be a difference where a friction of 1 actually springs longer than a friction of 0.

Billy Rukh

Amazing!! Great work :)

Ale Muñoz

Found a small bug. In the docs, you say "The radius of the fill automatically matches with that of the slider, so you only need to set it once". That is true if you set the radius after creating the component, but if you do it when initialising it it won't work for the fill, just the background.

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Ale Muñoz - if you go to File → Update Framer this will be resolved. This is a little thing I've fixed last week. We'll push an update to Studio today that will include the latest Framer.js version in all projects by default as well, so you won't run into this anymore.
Thanks for the heads-up! :-)

Ale Muñoz

Thanks to you for the quick reply, Benjamin : )

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