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Koen Bok
Posted May 20 - Read on Facebook

Ben Adamson and I are looking for a venue to do a small Framer event between 11 and 16 June in SF. The goal is to start learning Framer, or talk about prototyping in general. We'll post more info soon.

If you know anyone that has a great space that they can open up to 30-50 people for an evening, please send me or Ben a message.


Noah Levin

FYI Laurel Wagstaff

Jorn van Dijk

FYI Sherry Birk

Jorn van Dijk

Also, Ben Blumenfeld

Ben Blumenfeld

Koen yeah we could potentially do DF if it's closer to 30. Otherwise perhaps Dropbox or another partner would be open to hosting. Email me :)

Vipin Kosuri

Will this be uploaded online?

Michael Hwang

What do you think about having a mentoring session kind of like cascade SF where after the talk, bunches of knowledgeable folks can volunteer to get matched up with new folks to answer questions more specific to their projects?

Andrew Nalband

Oooh, please do it on the 11th! I'll be in town for WWDC

Peter Ng

come by and do it at uber and we can host! just say the word!

Ash Adamson

Peter Ng shooting you a message!

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