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Miles Fitzgerald
Posted May 18 - Read on Facebook

I'm using the import feature (Sketch Beta) and it's importing my artboard but placing it weirdly inside the iPhone frame. Any tips to fix this?


Miles Fitzgerald

Jason Foral

Cemre Güngör

try moving your artboard to 0,0 ?

Miles Fitzgerald

Cemre Güngör tried it. no luck...

Johannes Eckert

Do you have hidden layers? I saw arboard misplacement when I hid the status bar in sketch (setting layer visibility to hide)

Andy Lin

i get the same so ive been manually positioning it myself

Miles Fitzgerald

Cemre Güngör Gave me the solution. I deleted the artboard and positioned it to 0,0

Craig Murray

I am also getting a similar import oddity from Sketch Beta. I tried Sketch as well but had the same result.

Tanner Christensen

Is this potentially a matter of resolution? E.g. try changing the preview to an iPhone 5s and see if your artboard simply isn't sized correctly for the 6? I have no idea what I'm talking about, fyi.

Kevin Gutowski

One thing I have found is that masks can make the positioning wonky. Make sure all your masks are within the artboard?

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