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Giovanni Caruso
Posted Dec 02 - Read on Facebook

Hi! Spent some time experimenting with the tilt image viewer. I've used the "deviceorientation" event ( – as from the video). Also tried the "devicemotion" event as implemented by Jun-Hyuk Jang – which honestly I prefer ( :).


Arturo Goicochea

Thinking of using this...wanted to ask if you do this differently now :) Since it's been so long... :p

Koen Bok

Very cool.

Cemre Güngör

Thanks for shairng!

Adam Laskowitz

Really nice!

Josef Richter

Thanks. Was waiting for someone to put this together, coz I didn't have time for that :-)

Giovanni Caruso

Thank you, guys. Happy to share my work with the community although far from be perfect (spaghetti code rulez :) )

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