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Joon Won Lee
Posted May 19 - Read on Facebook

Hi all,
Im new to FramerJS
I got a simple question.

Im trying to set a text to certain layer, when a button layer clicked.
but, when I click a button layer, certain layer is gone.

below is my simple test project. Can anyone gives the reason of this issue?
(but weird thing is that it does work, when i print a certain layer before set to text)
(it seems works on the web(pc). but it does not work on mobile and framerstudio)


Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Odd. I was able to replicate here (in studio, clicking makes the layer disappear)

Try adding a empty string to the textLayer when creating it. Seems to solve here.

Joon Won Lee

Im trying to set emptyString("") on textLayer, when i creating it.
but, it seems doesnt work for me.
my framer studio ver is 1.11.173(newest version)

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Sorry, I meant something like :


Joon Won Lee

Yeah. That is what i exactly did.
But it still doesnt work.
By the way, thank you for your reply :)

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Ah, on mine I did in the layer constructor

TextLayer = new Layer
#your options

And it fixed on studio. I will check my version.

Joon Won Lee

What version are you using?

Joon Won Lee

Koen Bok could you give any clues of the issue I mentioned above?

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