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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted May 18 - Read on Facebook

Hey all! If you're still learning Framer, be sure to check out the courses at Udemy, taught by Adria Jimenez. With over 37 videos, 700+ enrolled students and continuous updates, it's a great way to learn more. There's also an active dedicated forum where you can ask questions and get help! Start learning:


Sergi Bosch

This course is fantastic. Adria Jimenez is a great teacher

Chris Arth

If anyone's interested, I came across the promo code INSPIRE1010 which brought the course cost down to just $10. Made it an easy purchase decision for me. Thanks!

John Namkyun Kim

just enrolled- thanks for the code :)

Tai Kim

It works for me. I was able to follow through the course even with little coding background.

Adria Jimenez

The code Chris Arth posted is a promotion run by udemy in several best selling courses, mine included. After the promotion ends you can still use the always available "framergroup" coupon for this group members :)

Daniel Maniés

I can recommend this one :) So, go for it!

Pat Trick

I can also recommend the course. Adria Jimenez does a great job. You get your hands dirty quick. No blabla.

Randi Dumaguet

Enrolled :)

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