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Vova Nurenberg
Posted May 17 - Read on Facebook

Hi all,
I'm new to framed and JS.
Anyone can recommend a nice tutorial to start with, explaining the whole workflow of importing (from PS) and using framer in a good way?


Andy Cetnarskyj

Coffeescript for framer ebook

Duncan Crozier

Hi Vova Nurenberg - you could try this one, not sure if it's outdated but it's a good start:

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Vova Nurenberg - here's a little list of some great resources:

- Framer Learn Pages: (If you're having trouble getting through this, please let me know. I'd love your feedback on seeing how we can improve the content here.)
- Framer Examples:
- (Official Website)
- JS2Coffee (JavaScript to CoffeeScript and vice versa):
- Udemy Framer Video Courses:
- Framer SketchCasts:
- CoffeeScript for Framer Book:
- JavaScript Book:

Vova Nurenberg

Thanks guys! These are really helpful!

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