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Viktor Goliaš
Posted May 16 - Read on Facebook

Hello people! I've got a Newb question, more about purpose of using Framer.js:

For what types of project is Framer.js the right tool for prototyping?

I had a chance to work with InVision and Axure, with I found sufficient for explaining interactions. Axure has a lot of nice features and you can play with variables a lot to get desired outcome.

From my perspective It's mainly about native mobile apps. Thanks to Framer you as a designer can hugely improve user experience. Animations and interactions let you save a space and provide user only relevant information. For me usability is prior to fancy animations (but they add some value to overall experience too).

Also I have programming background and I see Framer as a opportunity to utilise my knowledge from the past in relevant project.

How do you see it guys? Any useful articles? Thanks!


Josef Richter

Framer is great for prototyping micro-interactions within individual screens, transitions between states, etc. which are important part of UX. There's no way how to prototype stuff like Path-style menu, Twitter-style swipeable cells, or even just hamburger menu in Axure or InVision - those tools are more about designing the overall app workflow. I actually first do InVision/Flinto prototype and then go deeper in Framer where needed, often just one particular screen or specific interaction.

Viktor Goliaš

Thanks Josef for bringing another usecase/perspective! Helpful answer. Do you know some useful source of jobs where comapnies require Framer for prototyping?

Josef Richter

I think it's too early. And it's gonna be a part of a broader job like "ux designer" or "interaction designer". Although Framer is a bit specific - you typically use it when UI is almost done - UX guys usually deliver wireframes, UI guys usually cannot code shit. Good Framer guy is a rare breed.

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