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Cyrus Cheng
Posted May 14 - Read on Facebook

HI,guys, I want to know how can i change the text properties that in the sketch when i import a sketch file into framer? it's very important and common things for prototype...


Jens Nikolaus

You need to make that a text layer then. Everything imported from Sketch/Photoshop are static pngs.

Cyrus Cheng

Jens Nikolaus,thanks u, I know about what u mean, I think if there any method to gain the properties of text through import interface?I don't know if sketch team intend to open this part of interface

Cyrus Cheng

Koen Bok,u know that ,when design lots of UI pages use sketch,every things must be including, it will make many text in that ,but when i start prototype , i need delete all text and rebuild them in framer, it'll be heavy things, i hope framer can fix this things and it will be great step for prototype design...

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