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Matt Marriotti
Posted Oct 01 - Read on Facebook

Is there a good way to make a multiple screen prototype in Framer? I tend to see a lot of single screen transitions, but what if i wanted to make a simple multipage flow? Is there a good way to view/build the deeper screens, without having to run the prototype & see a click event play out?


Chase Curry

When I've had multiple pages, I lay them out one page at a time, centered on screen. Just build each page in a container, then set the container to visible: false when you're not using it. Then once you're done setting up the individual screens, work on the transitioning

Chris Camargo

For multi-screen flows, I tend to utilize subLayers/superLayers quite heavily. Use a top-level layer to represent each view, and make sure everything else is a subLayer of one of those layers. Then you just manipulate the top level layers and everything inside them comes along for the ride.

Craig Murray

Chase Curry Chris Camargo do you guys mind sharing a sample file/folder with us so we can learn your approach here?

Matt Marriotti

Yes a sample or 2 would be great! I think I in general follow the ideas posted, but this feels like something that would be easy to modify if we got a good start on it.

Chris Camargo

Hi Nitin, sorry I didn't see this earlier! Yes, I'm happy to show you an example when I get in front of a computer. In the meantime, have you seen my presentation, and view controller module?

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