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Moni Zhuang
Posted May 13 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys. I'd like to set a scroll component's overdrag to 'false'.
like this:
1 scrollArea= new ScrollComponent
2 height:700
3 width:670
4 x:112
5 y:665
6 scrollArea.scrollHorizontal=false
7 scroll.superLayer=scrollArea.content
9 scroll.draggable.overdrag = false
11 scrollArea.draggable.overdrag = false

But after I did that, I can scroll both horizontal and vertical. It seems line 6 became invalid. I tried both line 9 and line 11. Maybe I am doing something wrong? thx~


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Moni Zhuang - you need to target the content layer - which is the draggable layer - not the Component itself. This'll do the trick :-)

scrollArea.content.draggable.overdrag = false

Moni Zhuang

Benjamin Den Boer thx~~~

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