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Andy Lin
Posted May 13 - Read on Facebook

This may be a really newb question, but I remember when I first dabbled with Framer, there was no Framer Studio (or at least I don't recall seeing it) and things were done using a text editor (like Sublime). Can we still work with Framer JS that way? Or are we now limited to Framer Studio only?

I just purchased Framer JS about a week ago and I'm slowly getting the hang of it, already loving it though :)

Thanks in advance!


Jon Gold

Yup! The JS file on GitHub. Framer Studio is just a nicer way of working with Framer.js - it sets up coffeescript compilation, live reloading etc, and adds snippets, the importer, sharing, mirroring, presentation, zooming, device templates etc etc. You _could_ do all of that in Sublime, but it's just nicer to use Studio :)

Andy Lin

Ahh I see! Can I also edit the CSS in Framer Studio?

Sergi Bosch

you can use .style method to add styles to your coffee script. I'm wondering if we can externalize our css so we don't have to create it with javascript. anyone breaking out their css into a separate style sheet?

Jordan Robert Dobson

You definitely can. You can add classes as well. :)

Andy Lin

Thank you guys for the quick responses :) could you guys guide me to any documentation for adding classes? 😁

Andy Lin


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