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Farid Kalirad
Posted May 11 - Read on Facebook

What is the advantage or reason why you guys are using Framer instead of Pixate?


Andrey Gordiyenko

I use both for mobile prototypes. I know many people who do too. It really depends on the result you want to achieve.

Luan Maia Carneiro

Good question. There is any way we can translate this prototypes into a real world application ? There is anyone working on something to export Framer.js code into real world applications ? =)

Andrey Gordiyenko

Personally I'm not a big fan of exporting code into different platforms, but my guess is that it's done easily for web apps. If you are working with native applications, code-based prototype is still the king, as a developer sees in it most of the logic behind the decisions designer made.

Arron J Hunt

It's personal preference. Here's why I use it instead:

1. Free! Pixate requires a paid subscription to use all its features. Framer is free and open source
2. Control. I have much more control over my prototypes. At the moment, Pixate is limited to a few preset interactions and transitions.
3. Cross-platform. Framer can be run on *any* device with a web browser. It's compatible with any mobile or desktop device and very extensible.

edit: Granted, it also depends on your experience. Pixate is a drag and drop interface that makes prototyping simple. Framer is a framework and requires familiarity with Javascript (or at least JS principles)

Andrey Dyadyura

One remark- I think you can own the pixate for desktop ^^

All of other points are true

Arron J Hunt

Andrey Ah! You're right, good to see :) Still $149 for a more limited product. I don't feel Pixate is worth the price as it currently sits, but maybe once they've added more features.

David Politi

Framer let's me contribute to relationships with our developers because it uses code instead of a GUI. This means all notions of sizes and values are easily translatable to actual code and we can iterate together.
For basic/clickable prototypes we use flinto.

Farid Kalirad

Got it - thanks a lot for your great answers.

What about Quartz Composer or other related tools like Origami, Form and Avocado?

What is the advantage from Framer instead of this tools?

Michael Tomkins

Origami works in conjunction with QC. It's a patch library. Afaik it's personal preference if you prefer code or node based prototyping, but if you can dream it you can build it with Origami. Where it falls short imo is sharing (limited to sending videos if recipient doesn't have QC installed)

Farid Kalirad

Do you know FORM?

Michael Tomkins

Never used Form but from what I hear it's almost identical to QC/Origami

David Politi

Form was consumerized by Facebook after the purchase (same ingredients as Quartz/origami)

Andrey Gordiyenko

David Politi, you mean Google?

David Politi

Yes, whoopsie

Jordan Robert Dobson

As far as the comment in sharing code. There are far too many considerations when building a true application about how to organize and structure you're code that it's not easily transferable. Threading, view creation, timing, curves, data and view controller structure... It doesn't address all the concerns you should have when building an app.

The best thing a prototype can do is tell you how something should work. Then you can take those decisions, timing and smaller details into your app so it's merely creating the UI and applying an application structure rather than thinking about how it should all work together, move, be structured & integrated... all at the same time.

To me, that separation gives you focus on what's important at the time. It's painful to iterate in xCode after doing it in Framer.

Alex Bystrov

btw did anyone have a chance to try Fuse already?

Andrey Dyadyura

Farid Kalirad You need to pick what is comfortable for you. Every tool have its own cons and pros. For some people it's easy to program visually like in form or origami and some people like to learn or use coffee script. All these tools are awesome just try to find what will fit you the best.

JinJu Jang

I found pixate is more difficult in terms of creating interative animation. It seems a bit more labour intensive az well. :/ both ha free trial so please try out and find what you like!

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