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JinJu Jang
Posted May 10 - Read on Facebook

I was burning my brain cells to find a way to place layers around a circle.
Like the attached screenshot (Courtesy of Keezy app!)
Framer Studio Documents doesn't seem to have a thing for this case, but please correct me if I'm wrong!
Maybe there is a Mathematical function I can refer to.... maybe.

To make this happen, below are my thought process.
1. Making 5 buttons using similar way to create "Colletion List"
2. Set up some(?) values for the position, something based on 360 divided by 5.


Jon Gold got you some of the way there. I can't maths any more. might not be the best way of doing it.

Andreas Wahlström

Hi! Here's how you could do it using cosine and sine:

JinJu Jang

Amazing!! Can't wait to jump into coding :D thank you Jon Gold and Andreas Wahlström!

Offir Gonen
Josh Ackerman

I might be too late, although this might be of use. You can change "number" to modify the number of items. Right click to see the result.

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