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Roland Lösslein
Posted May 09 - Read on Facebook

Thank you Mike Kotsch for approving my request.
Hey there and sorry to bother you with my first little issue: I need some advice. What's the best practice preventing clickable items in a scroll component to NOT fire their click event when releasing the touch event after scrolling? My current solution is to detach the click events on the items when scrolling and attach them back after scrolling is done. I'm going to change this for performance reasons to work with a simple flag. But it still feels a little bit dirty.


Koen Bok

You can use scroll.isMoving:

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Roland Lösslein - you'd indeed have to detect the Scrolling events and setting flags. I recently created an example of this too, which may be worth checking out:

Benjamin Den Boer

Aw looks like Koen beat me to the punch. :-)

Roland Lösslein

Thank you so much Koen & Benjamin. Works like a charme.

Johannes Eckert

hey what trick makes facebook pick up a that nice screenshot for shared links?

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