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Arron J Hunt
Posted May 07 - Read on Facebook

Has anyone recreated the Apple Watch springboard in Framer? I'm giving a demo and would love to show it.


Stephen Crowley

Guus Baggermans made a nice one a while back, you can find info here:

Arron J Hunt

Great! Looks like it doesn't work though, I'll dig through the code anyways.

Stephen Crowley

Yeah just noticed that. My version is crude and hacky. I'll try and dig it up if all else fails. It was built same time as Guus'

Arron J Hunt

Stephen I think it was a problem with the dribbble API, I removed that and set the icons to solid colors and it works just fine. Thanks :)

Stephen Crowley

Awesome! Just the messenger, Guus's hard work takes the cred. :) Glad it worked for you

Guus Baggermans

Hi Guys, I noticed the same. I recently had to replace the dribbble API when I was playing with it myself :)

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