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Paul Rich
Posted May 06 - Read on Facebook

Hey, I don't understand is the framer js could substitute products like axure or it's only for prototyping effects and animations?


Andreas Mitschke

framerjs is a js framework which allow you to create interaction animation and interface animations on a code level, thus being easier to adopt in final product than like say a quartz animation or those silly over the top AFX animations that are far from being able to be implemented because the designer is not aware of the limits of code.

framer studio is an editor that allows a smooth sketch/PS+framerjs workflow on MAC.

It has little to do with what axure, balsamiq and other wireframing tools are made for. It is not made for wireframing.

You may be able to create a rudimentary task-flow with framer as well, yet it takes way more time than using something like inVision.

Niels Groen

How about linking several files together (onClick) to create a flow? Is that possible?

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Niels Groen - sure thing, you can use the PageComponent to easily piece together multiple pages/imported designs. You can learn more about it here: or see these examples to get a good impression of what it can do: &

Niels Groen

I think what Paul was also asking is like Axure linking a complete app together. perhaps 40 pages or more? Having them all in one js file is going to be a mess real soon I'm afraid

Hugo des Gayets

You better use Marvel app for thar !

Moaaz Sidat

There must be a couple of ways to achieve that. After exploring and reading people talk about using a 'State Machine' I worked on a project that uses one, I'm in the process of putting together the workflow that elaborates on using FramerJS to make relatively 'complete' app flows using Jake Gordon's Javascript State Machine (forked and converted to CoffeeScript: I've used it for a couple of projects and find it interesting to say the least, I need to build a simple project that I can share to outline the process.

Niels Groen

Moaaz Sidat nice, looking forward to your progress. Hugo des Gayets that's exactly my point, I don't want to use several different apps :) I use marvel a lot and it's cool, but it lacks ... animation. One tool to rule them all. seems impossible :)

Hugo des Gayets

Gotta get your hands dirty ;) that's a way to learn !

Koen Bok

I'd say apps like Flinto and InVision are optimized for the biggest vertical in prototyping (communicating flows). Apps like Origami, Pixate and Framer are so flexible that you can definitely do flows too, it's just not optimized (yet).

Koen Bok

A great first step would be a simple UINavigationController port to Framer where you can just add layers and link them together.

Niels Groen

that sounds like a plan ! so flinto etc for the big picture, framer for smaller flows (single paths) and all animation therein

Ryan Gonzalez

Koen Bok working on that (UINavigationController port) right now (y)

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