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Johannes Eckert
Posted Jan 31 - Read on Facebook

Framer & Git
I want to manage variations of prototypes without creating tons of folders. I am setting up git and creating a branch for every "variation". is that a good idea? Is there a better workflow?

Is it safe to switch the branch while studio is open? So far it worked good and refreshed studio.
When sharing the prototype, I hope Framer is ignoring git files?


Eyal Zaidman

Can someone put a small tutorial / best practices on how to use GIT with Framer? Maybe using SourceTree?

Amy Casillas


Koen Bok

Using git for this is a great idea!

- Sharing indeed ignores the git folder
- I already include a sane .gitignore file for each project
- You can safely switch and reload

Johannes Eckert

thank you. I notice the gitignore being already populated—that's clever. However, some backups always show up

Koen Bok

Ah yes, I'll update the gitignore file. You can just add:


Koen Bok

Also the GitHub Mac client is pretty nice:

Johannes Eckert

I know I know. everybody tells tower uses to switch to git for mac. But I find Git for mac a bit too challenging as someone new to git. Tower is more explicit about what is happening and I feel I can act more "safely" without corrupting my repo with some weird git command

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