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Nicolas Russo-Larsson
Posted May 04 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys this question is probably really staright forward but can't figure it out. How do I name the different tabItems here (based on the Medium example posted by Jorn van Dijk) to be "Featured" " Subscriptions" "Community" instead of "Feed {page number}"


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Nicolas, in the Medium example each tabItem layer is pushed within an array called "tabItems". You can access items stored within an array by referencing their indeces. The index starts at 0, so the first layer has an index of 0. Make sure you're not referencing the layers within pageIndex loop (for pageIndex in... → so this shouldn't be indented). Then, you can simple target each tabItem layer like this:

tabItems[0].html = "Feed"
tabItems[1].html = "Photos"
tabItems[2].html = "Shares"

Nicolas Russo-Larsson

Thanks Benjamin! Very helpful and got it working

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