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Alex Bystrov
Posted May 05 - Read on Facebook

hey, folks
Is there a way to reload the framer prototype? (reset all the variables and layers to their default values and states)

window.location.reload() gives me a device with a black screen :(


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Alex Bystrov - you can click "Reload" in the toolbar or hit "CMD+R" to refresh. :-)

Marc Krenn

Hey Alex, "window.location.reload()" always worked fine for me outside of FramerStudio (e.g. in frameless, browsers, mobile browsers, etc.). Just give it a try. :)

Alex Bystrov

Thanks Marc Krenn! It really works everywhere outside Framer Studio. Benjamin Den Boer I needed it assigned to a button in my prototype :)

Koen Bok

Alex this will work in the next update.

Alex Bystrov

Alin Meceanu

I was looking for the same thing right now :)

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