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Tessa Thornton
Posted Dec 26 - Read on Facebook

Hi all, I wrote a short ebook about CoffeeScript for framerjs users, inspired by comments from designer friends with no programming experience.
The book is written for interaction designers who are excited to work with Framer.js but don't have much (or any) coding experience.


Daniel Specht

i've only read the the first 40 pages but there are already a lot of typos, errors and incompleteness. -> for $12

Jonas Treub

This is gonna be super useful!

Koen Bok

Hey Tessa this is pretty amazing! Shoot me an email at [email protected] and we can look into helping you promote it.

Liudas Survila

awesome! on my to buy list

José Gutiérrez Álvarez

Marcos Navarro

David Politi

Ok, done! Maybe I'll prototype the old Sam the record man spinning sign.

Jorn van Dijk

Amazing work Tessa!

Josef Richter

Good idea! Is there a sample chapter please?

Carl Cooper

Yes, would love to see an example chapter.

Giovanni Caruso

Cool. Thank you, Tessa. Any chance to get a sample chapter?

Benjamin Den Boer

This looks great Tessa! Really impressive. :-)

Stuart Balcombe

Just bought the book, very thorough explanations 👍🏻

Marc Krenn

Hey Tessa, I'm wondering if your book covers the following topics:

* expanding classes
* modules
* assigning/creating arrays using loops and arrays in general


Tessa Thornton

Marc Krenn it does cover arrays and loops, but does not cover expanding classes or modules. I'm hoping to add a chapter about modules in a future update.

Josef Richter

ToC + sample chapter, pretty please :-)

Marc Krenn

Thanks, Tessa! Be sure to keep us updated! :)

Harry Brignull

I just bought a copy. Looks great, Thanks Tessa.

Alexander Tran


Tessa Thornton

Updated website with table of contents and sample chapter.

Emiel Janson

Emiel Janson

Definitely buying this book!!

David Politi

I found a few minor errors, none of which detract from the usefulness. Nice work.

Albert Ramirez Canalias

I would really appreciate a change on the code color. It's hard to distinguish between the body text. Otherwise... i'm gonna buy the book as soon as I can. Great job. :D

Jitendra Vyas

Tessa Thornton Does this book presume that buyer should have Framer studio?


bought! Thanks Tessa!

Tessa Thornton

Jitendra Vyas the book is written assuming you are running Framer Studio, however it should theoretically be possible to follow along using framer.js and a coffeescript compiler

Jeff B. Léonard

Hi Tessa Thornton, would you happen to know how to get around input elements loosing the ability to focus (or get typed into) When the input component becomes a subLayer of a Scroll Component?

Philippe Heckly

Nice work Tessa! I just got your book yesterday and I have been immersing myself in framer.js. My question to you is whether you could make the full code of your examples available since the animated gif only give you the result and you don't get to figure out what you might be doing wrong by looking at them? That would really be fantastic!

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