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Thomas Law
Posted Jan 10 - Read on Facebook

Can I export .framer file into GIFs or HTMLs?


Chris Tate

Nicolas Elizaga I should be able to take the exported html/js and use that within a standard page, right? I want to create some simple, scalable, animations and include them in a page

Nicolas Elizaga

Chris Tate Totes! You can embed a Framer project via an iframe, whether it's a shared link or the exported html/js.

Cyrus Cheng

i want to know too...

Arron J Hunt

What do you mean by exporting to HTMLs...?

Arron J Hunt

You can use Quicktime to record your screen as you interact with the prototype. You can then convert that .MOV to a GIF

Jesper Wøldiche

The projectname.framer is just a regular folder containing your project files - HTML, Java/Coffeescript, images etc.

You can view your project by just opening the index.html in Chrome or Safari.

Thomas Law

Arron J Hunt I mean, to save it as a web file, so I can preview the prototype anywhere without Internet connection or Framer Studio. Still, Quicktime is a good way, thanks, dude.

Ken Yiu

You can follow the instructions by Koen Bok to change the local file restriction or use localhost web server for offline prototyping

Thomas Law

Ken Yiu Looks a little complicated, but thank you very much. I will look into it. XD

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