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JinJu Jang
Posted May 03 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys! I'm new to FramerJS, spending this weekend to figure out how to create nice animation. :) Below is my WIP project.

As you can see, the scaling isn't quite alright, it should be anchored to the top-centre of the screen, not (0,0).
I was digging documentation to find way to change this, but nothing seemed to work :/ (i.e: CentreX the super layer, etc)

Any recommendations in this case? I'd really appreciate tips and helps!


Jeongmin Kim

How about use 'OriginX' and OriginY? In this case originX,Y will be 0.5 both

JinJu Jang

Y__Y Doesn't seem to work as well... hmmmm

Shane Brown

Hi JinJu, I've had a look at it here

I've changed it to use the scale on the layers, rather than adjusting their height manually, and this allows use of the originX and originY values to control where the scale begins.

JinJu Jang

Shane Brown That's so cool! Thanks a lot Shane! *Thumbs up*! Actually, in the meanwhile I also figured out different approaches by using Utils.modulate. (+ add some more details)

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