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Carl Cooper
Posted May 02 - Read on Facebook

Testing out ScrollComponents and am listening to the Scroll event. I want to animate a layer when the content inside the scroll is at a certain position (i'm comparing the value of scrollY). It sometimes reaches that point due to the momentum of the scroll but Scroll and ScrollEnd stop listening after I let go of the mouse and doesn't take into account the momentum. Is there another property or something else I should be using?


Cemre Güngör

you can try listening to "change:x" of scrollcomponent.content

Cemre Güngör

Koen Bok we could make this better

David Louie

Try listening to the Move event instead of Scroll or ScrollMove. So myscroll.on Events.Move,->

Koen Bok

Yeah this is what move is for. But better ideas are always welcome!

Carl Cooper

Thanks all, Events.Move was what I was looking for.

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