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Chris Camargo
Posted May 02 - Read on Facebook

What's the easiest way to import and work with classes in FramerJS? I'm creating some classes to help members of my team create their own prototypes using a standard set of UI controls that have logic built-in. I'd like to avoid having them copy/paste the entire set of classes into each prototype. Is there a good way to import them without modules? If not, is it easy to turn a control class into a module?


Jordan Robert Dobson

yeah: check out how I implemented my class as a module in my StatusBar code here:

Chris Camargo

You da man, Jordan Robert Dobson!

Adria Jimenez

Hey Jordan Robert Dobson I submitted some modules to and they never appear on the site. Do you have any idea what happens?

Koen Bok

This is some pretty great documentation on it:

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