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Louis Currie
Posted May 01 - Read on Facebook

Berliners! Is anyone interested in meeting up to do some Framer sessions together? Javier, Victoria, Lucifero, Mariusz, Ed, Lucas would you guys be interested?


Javier Díaz

I'm in!

Mariusz Cieśla

Once I'm back and have some spare time: Sure.

Riccardo Buzzotta

I'm in for sure :) I can also ask if somebody is willing to host us

Louis Currie

Lucifero that would be a great!

Koen Bok

If enough are interested, I'll fly over!

Louis Currie

Apparently you had a good time in Berlin :D We'll make it happen again!

Ed Macovaz

This is relevant to my interests.

Lucas Hasselmann

I'd sure be interested too!

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