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Anthony Roscoe
Posted Apr 30 - Read on Facebook

It appears Events.Move and Events.Scroll aren't called when using scrollToPoint(). Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I would have assumed any scrolling regardless of what made it scroll would call those events.


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Anthony Roscoe - this is true. You can listen to AnimationEnd instead: scroll.content.on Events.AnimationEnd, ->

Anthony Roscoe

Thanks Benjamin. Unfortunately, I don't think that will accomplish what I need since I need the updates while the animation is happening. There are a lot of things in my UI that are modulated while the UI is scrolling and I would like to do these same things when I call scrollToPoint. Any ideas on how I could do this?

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Anthony, ah, I see. You can try using the "change:y" event as well and use these values as inputs for your modulates.

scroll.scrollToPoint({x:0, y:200})

scroll.content.on "change:y", ->
print this.y

Anthony Roscoe

Thanks Benjamin, that did the trick!

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