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Guus Baggermans
Posted Apr 30 - Read on Facebook

Playing with android wear prototypes :)

- special thanks to Ed Chao :)


Zsolt van de Stelkovics

Nice idea!

Guus Baggermans

Thanks! I've been testing the sony smartwatch for a couple of weeks now, and I find this one of its most obvious omissions. I just hope they're adapting Inbox for the small screen :)

Marc Krenn

Nice work Guus!

There is, however, one thing I'd add to your prototype, according to some user-testing I did years ago: A draggable element/indicator.

Most subjects back then told me that having a distinct element to drag felt more natural, easier to use and more welcoming to them - even though it looked less slick.

(But then again, this study was conducted on a much larger screen, so maybe it doesn't apply to smartwatches at all :) )

Guus Baggermans

Hey Marc, I would love to test that. In an earlier version I tried something like it, but did not get around testing it on the actual device at that time, and the Framer cursor does a good job of it by itself. Might look into it soon!

Marc Krenn

Oh, I've just tried your prototype and I have to say I misinterpreted your prototype based on the video.

I think while your idea is very clever and certainly practical, it's also kinda un-intuitive to me.

I've just clicked on the notification and that resulted in the "Reminding you" <empty> message. What I'm trying to say is, for me, as a non-smartwatch-user, I would have never tapped-and-held on this modal dialog as nothing tells me I can or should do this for more options.

Maybe it's a learned pattern for smartwatch-users, but I still believe this semi-random tap-and-hold or force-touch without any indicators is a pretty bad UI-Design choice. No offense, but I think you can do better :)

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