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Lennart Schoors
Posted Jun 03 - Read on Facebook

How do I disable horizontal scrolling/swiping inside a PageComponent? I only want to use the PageComponent with paging buttons, but `pager.scroll = false` or `scrollHorizontal: false` don't seem to do the trick?


Marc Krenn

Good question.

I can confirm scrollHorizontal doesn't work, even though it should IMO. Bug, Koen?

My next approach was to "pageComponent.ignoreEvents = false" - but that doesn't work either.

A more hack-ish attempt would be to try to place a transparent fullscreen-layer above the pageComponent (using the right index) "absorbing" all those unwanted Events.

Good luck :)

Koen Bok

Ah yeah I see what's going on. It disables the actual dragging, but not the end animation. I'll fix it.

Anthony Roscoe

Koen, I'd like to do the same thing. Any update on this?

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